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 Protectors Realm walkthrough =)

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PostSubject: Protectors Realm walkthrough =)   Wed Feb 06, 2008 4:37 pm

After zone in, slaughter the roamers, then talk with Ludmila to get shards. (we had plate tanks take them). Go to the four nameds with lastname Vyx. As soon as the last person with a shard enters the room the named becomes active.

Beware of AE on pull!

Wymbulu Vyx:
Class: Brawler
Spinning Fury (Crushing AE)
Crushing Damage

Iztapa Vyx:
Class: Shadowknight
Touch of the Faceless (Disease AE, spike dmg on MT, appears to memwipe, range 15 mtr)
Crushing Damage

Adkar Vyx:
Class: Suspected Defiler?
Haze of Thule (Poison AE)
Crushing Damage

Zykluk Vyx:
Class: ?
Judgement of the Faceless (Disease AE)
Crushing Damage

Please post any additional infor and also check out map below:

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Protectors Realm walkthrough =)
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