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 Raids in general please read before your next raid

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PostSubject: Raids in general please read before your next raid   Fri Feb 15, 2008 11:21 pm

Raids are fun when we learn them and they are learning experiances when we dont. But remeber unless you are spending 3-5 plat before the raid starts your not doing so bad. If you dont have a raid box full of potions for resist of every sort anti fear potions and dispel potions of every kind you are not spending the plat that some are. if your not spending status points and plat for for single use items to survive a raid or offering 50% of everything you loot to your diety so you can by miricles for each raid your not spending too much money.
Everyone knows the raid schedule Jerret spends the time to post raids and tries to reasearch the raids the best he can, but he is only one person. Everyone has the ability to and should research each raid know what resist you need to have please dont depend on someone to tell you. I raid for the challange (the gear is nice too) if i wanted easy id play WoW.
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Raids in general please read before your next raid
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