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 New Tunaria Throneroom Crib Sheet

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PostSubject: New Tunaria Throneroom Crib Sheet   Sun Feb 24, 2008 6:23 pm

Palace Overseer

Resists: Crushing

This is the easiest named in the zone; but drops no loot:

He goes active when all groups of Tunarian's around him are dead(the groups with the master Guardsmen).
When engaged he spawns another 2 groups containing master Guardsmen which run off the stairs. This seems like a scripted wipe as we cannot cope with that many mobs. Not clear how we can avoid these groups.
Once wiped we pull these groups like we always do: by petclass petpull/hammer/dog. Kill the groups.
Now it's time to get rid of that Palace Overseer. Just hit him hard. He doesn't do any AoE's. Nothing special at all and for not being special: he drops no loot.
After being killed he drops down on the floor and becomes unconscious. Queen Lenya Thex walks from her throne and makes the Harbinger of Absolution active.

The Harbinger of Absolution

Resists: Crushing

Spawns after killing Palace Overseer.

The easiest named in the zone that drops loot:
Resets at a certain amount of HP which differs after each reset: 75%,50%,25%,10%(even if you do not kill the adds it will reset and you will have to burn further down).
The first add that needs to be killed is the Resistance add then you kill the adds clockwise.
Save big hits like decapitate, Fusion and Master Strikes(yes these work as the mobs are "golems")etc. for the adds as these need to be burned ASAP.
If we kill all adds in the right order then we have to burn the named down one more time, you can unleash your big hits if you're too impatient and at that point who wouldn't.

Queen Lenya Thex

Resists: Mental

Spawns after killing Harbinger.

Okay... she's a bitch and impossible to do if we do not kill the knights at two sides of the zone(of her).
The idea is to kill the knights and holding Queen Lenya Thex in her place(the MT group holds her into place). These knights are at 2 spots. One at the left and one at the right from the stairs(down the stairs; not up the stairs).
Clear the Palace Sentries that are in the way to the Knight statues at both sides. We have to be fast as these Palace Sentries are on a 30 minute respawn timer and we have to kill both knights to be able to kill Queen Lenya Thex. The knights themselves don't do a thing. They deal no damage and no nasty effects but as soon as you engage them you engage Queen Lenya Thex. She has a nasty spell that charms you if you get low on power.

Vampire Lord Mayong Mistmoore

Resists: Cold/Mental

Apparantly spawns after killing Queen Lenya Thex on the same spot where she stands; not confirmed as we haven't gotten to him yet.
This version of Mayong is a little bit harder than the MIS one before the nerf. So yes he delevels the tank! Which the MIS one doesn't. That delevel is arcane curable. He has a KB and ofc his normal nasty stuff such as Soul Paralysis(Incurable elemental Stun, high cold damage)and Blanket of the Eternal Night(Arcane curable power drain with a little bit of mental damage, cure fast). Each person he kills heals him for about 2% of his health.

So jousting Blanket is very important for the melee damage dealers.
Mages go in front of the healers to suck up the stun from Soul Paralysis and prevent the priests from getting mezzed by the adds as they mezz the closest 6 targets to them.
OT drag the adds away from the MT and get them killed by melee damage with help of the other melee classes.

As there are mobs close to him to make him easier, we kill those adds before we try Mayong so we wont get adds while fighting him as they do add if we don't kill them. And we can do this the following way:

Step 1 - Conjuror/Necromancer drops the raid and all gear.
Step 2 - Summon their pet and pull Mayong to the entrance of the zone.
Step 3 - Raid pulls 2-3 Infiltrators as soon as Mayong is engaged.
Step 4 - Do this until all Infiltrators are dead.
Step 5 - Beat the crap out of Mayong.
- Note pull the infiltrators away from the place where Mayong stands... we don't want him to add during fighting these infiltrators.

The tank spot of Mayong is near the entrance of the Tunarian Throne Room

This version of Mayong is 3 times harder than the MMIS version now as some people say. Keeping power is the only problem here really. If we can keep power and keep the MT alive; we win. And if we do not pull any adds of course.

We have 20 minutes to kill him. Which makes this look a bit like Harla Dar.


RE: Throne of New Tunaria 11/5/2007 6:43 AM

Posts: 17

I do not know how updated this post is, but when reading it I saw something’s I felt I should point out.
(If you already know this stuff, then just ignore me!)

The corridor, first room:

As I am sure you all know, upon zone – in the raid will face loads of mobs standing in a circle room.
These mobs are weird… They become attackable once someone approaches them, and then they charge the raid at random intervals. Not always short, but if the raid is unlucky they do this over and over, even if he raid wiped and are at the entrance, rebuffing and getting ready.
Once taking down, there are some large stone – ish creatures standing at the walls of the room.

There are 2 guarding the doorway into the main area. These stun a lot, but are easy kills. They do re – pop every 4 minutes or so (I don’t have an exact timer L .)
With this strategy there is some running back and forth involved, but these re – popping stone – things don’t have to add to the raid once we have passed them once… Simply stick to the middle of the room when running back and forth and it should be alright.

“The main area”:

The Main Area is where Mayong will spawn, where all the named’s are killed.

There are some roamers roaming the halls around the big circle in the middle, they need to be monitored while running around, or they can easily add and cause pain.
Once the first room is cleared, most of the fighting will occur here.
This is where we fight the groups in front of The Palace Overseer, and all the other named’s. As soon as The Palace Overseer is killed, this area will be pretty safe, for a while.

The Palace Overseer:

By far the easiest named in the zone.
The only tricky thing about him is to actually get to him in one piece…
There are several nasty, hard hitting groups standing in his way.
These are the Master Guardsmen and Priestesses and what not.
They hit hard, and need to die just as fast.
The trick to this (as I am sure you know) is for the MA to target the Master Guardsman in each group, and have the raid kill it first.
The tank will probably experience losing target, and therefore being able to taunt.
This is why the priestess (or something like that, can’t remember the name of the top of my head) needs to die second. She is the one making the tank lose his/her target. After these mobs are dead (there is sometimes more than one priestess in each group) the rest of them can be burned easily.
<!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->
Now, as far as this goes: “When engaged he spawns another 2 groups containing master Guardsmen which run off the stairs. This seems like a scripted wipe as we cannot cope with that many mobs. Not clear how we can avoid these groups.”
This is inaccurate. The two groups are up before the named becomes active, and they charge with him, yes… However, they can be pulled before engaging the named, and thus being eliminated before him.
This is done by having the MT or a Brawler run up the stairs on either side of his position AFTER the area in front of him is cleared.
Once all these Guardsmen and what not are out of the way…It’s an easy kill!
Well, he doesn’t die… But you get it!

The Harbinger of Absolution:

This one is really easy as long as the script isn’t bugged out.
Do as stated above… Pull him, burn him to 75%, he restet’s and spawns 4 adds.
Kill one add super fast… The Harbinger of Absolution the restet’s and goes back to
Burn again, this time to 50%, take another add down, rinse and repeat.
If the script is broken however, he will only reset one time, and then he will be none– attackable.

Remember to keep power high, and to kill fast and it’s a cake fight.

Queen Lenya Thex:

This is the first real challenge in the zone.
The Queen is a nasty little lady, with all sorts of aces up her sleeve.
However, before even starting on her, we need to clear what’s above her head.
Sneaky, sneak up the stairs, killing all mobs standing there. They will not repop, and this is the place where Mayong will be fought.

With that said….

There are two statues aiding the Queen, they have an insane HP regen, and need to be burned, burned, and burned.
This burn is done by 3 of the 4 groups. Leaving the MT group to deal with Crazy
The trick comes now… Have a bruiser use his subclass AA “Drag”. (20 points in Knockout subclass line)

After the side rooms are cleared of agro mobs (Pulled into the room where the Queen is standing.) the Bruiser drags first the left statue to the middle of the room, then the right one.
If they are not dragged, then the raid is split up, and all AoE’s, Fusions, and other nice things go to waste.
Once placed properly start burning them.
Queen is best tanked by the wall to the stairs leading up to the throne.
With the tank with his back against the wall, and the Queen with her back against the room.
As long as they are alive the Queen will be a struggle. She has mana drain, charm and other ugly things to throw at the raid, but she calms down tremendously after the statues are dead.

Remember though that she has a nasty knock back/up which you have to control in the air so you don’t bring more adds on landing.
Keep power high, she has, much like the Queen in Courts, a spell that will kill you if you go below a set amount of power.
But, this is really not such a hard fight once statues are down!

Vampire Lord Mayong Mistmoore:

As soon as the Queen dies, all groups Evac! This is important, or we will get stormed by Mayong and his posse.

The basic idea is as follows:

Before we can even start killing Mayong we need to get rid of his adds.
This is a ring event, lasting for about 20 min.
At first Mayong is surrounded my 20 odd adds. There are Infiltrators and one other kind.
A necromancer or conjuror drops raid, runs back to the main entrance area and drops his or her gear.
I advice having 2 str hexdolls equipped, and also to drink str potion to be able to move faster, or getting from the door to the pull point will take ages J.
The Summoner targets Mayong, sends his/hers pet in, and as soon as Mayong, and his posse runs for the summoner, the rest of the raid pulls 2-3 adds from the group storming the summoner and kills them.
I suggest having 3 tanks, each targeting it’s own mob, taunting and killing off one by one.
Repeat this until everything but Mayong is dead.
The summoner then pulls Mayong again, and the whole raid runs up the stairs to the area cleared earlier.
There we wait for the ring event to start again, and the same procedure is repeated again, but this time only the infiltrators have re popped, and the killing should go a lot faster. Arrow pull or range spell pull 2-3 adds up the stairs, kill them and repeat until Mayong stands alone.
Invite the summoner again, pull Mayong up, so that he is tanked against a wall in the most inner room by the throne, with the WHOLE raid in the room to avoid KB:
The summoner can easily run up the stairs and join the fight after he is pulled, and the killing begins. I haven’t actually killed him in person, but this is the strategy that seems to get everyone the furthest on their tries.

There will be enough room to joust AoE’s from Mayong up by the throne, and hopefully it is a smooth fight.
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New Tunaria Throneroom Crib Sheet
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