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 Mage - Resist Gear

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PostSubject: Mage - Resist Gear   Sat Mar 29, 2008 6:01 am

The call has come for us to get some resist gear. On Rays, I hardly ever sell any looted / quested gear. If you are wanting to raid in T8, I suggest you do the same. Yes some of the gear isn't that great, but that crappy gear can keep you alive.

Here's some decent resist gear. Nothing listed comes from T7 or T8 raid zones.

Blistered Strand - Mage Legendary Set Armor - All T8 Instance zones
This gear isn't great for everyday fighting, but it does carry high resists. Set of 6/7 will provide around 2400 to all resists.

Opal Bracelet - Drop off all types of named mobs in the Wastes, and maybe some instance zones. High Poison and Disease.

Benevolent Forearms of the Waste Hunter - Quest reward from repeat Wastes quest line. There are other choices to pick from too. These have STR which is nice. High Poison and Heat.

Unglued Alchemist's Amulet - Quest reward, high Poison and Magic. This is a "clicky heal" as well. Can come in handy.

Symbol of Tashani - Instance Zone drop. High Poison and Disease.

Full Set of Mastercrafted armor will give you 2884 to all resists.

I'll post more stuff later.
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Mage - Resist Gear
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