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A Najena MMORPG from Everquest 2
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 Guard For hire (Drty)

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PostSubject: Guard For hire (Drty)   Tue Apr 08, 2008 11:01 am

If you need an epic update, or want an instance run please don't be shy let me know you need me and I'm there!!! All I ask is that you do the leg work
1. Form the group don't just send me a tell saying I want to go to (where ever) and leave it at that expecting me to spam the guild for those interested in going.
2. Research the Update even though I have helped on a lot of the updates I cannot remember them all.
3. If you want to go to a certain instance know what classes are needed for that instance.
COA = 1 healer lvl 75 plus, dps 77 plus
VoES = 2 healers 75 plus or one lvl 80 healer, dps 77 plus, a mezzer is not a must but is helpfull.
Maidens = 1 80 lvl healer that knows they can solo heal or two healers, a Mezzer, dps 78 plus
Chelsith = 2 healers, dps 78 plus
Chardok = 2 healers, dps 75 plus
CoK = one healer 75 plus (if you need access to the sokar post let me know before the group arrives it's an easy train to get you there)
4. All instances a brigand and dirges are a plus but not a must

I really enjoy tanking RoK and can be to any instance in less than 5 minutes. I have no problem doing every instance every day time permitting. So if you need RoK gear start a group lets get er' done.

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Guard For hire (Drty)
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