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 Swashbuckler Epic

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PostSubject: Swashbuckler Epic   Mon Apr 14, 2008 1:50 pm

I know I stole this but why change it if it isnt broke....

Step One: Rrarwrk

1. In Timorous Deep, head west of Gorowyn until you find a Pirate Ship on the water <input type=text value="3170, -1, 1119" size="11">. Open the cage on the deck and pick up Rrarwrk. Summon him to receive the quest; the ship is rumored to slowly float around.

2. In the Village of Shin, find the Xao Nurwin (Master Baker) and buy the “Of Crackers” recipe tome. This will give you the recipe for five different types of level 5 artisan-made crackers. He will also sell you most of the materials.<img src="https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img166/6451/rrarwkiz5.jpg" width="175" height="175" align="right" />

3. Head to Chelsith, where you will be killing Yha-Lei fishmen for the aged sea salts. Each cracker takes five salts, and one salt can drop from each mob. Craft the cracker and feed it to the parrot by right clicking him. It is random which cracker your bird will like, so you might need to try more than once. After you give Rrarwrk the right cracker, he will offer you the next quest.

NOTE: You can re-summon the parrot until one of them will like the cracker you're using as a quick way to move on. No word on whether this is intended or not.

Step Two: A Strange Bird

1. Head to Sinking Sands to speak to Captain Shoreflow <input type=text value="-2161, -228, 16" size="12">. Turns out it's not his bird.

2. Then go to Mystic Lake and talk to Captain Mord <input type=text value="42, -36, 277" size="11">. He doesn't want the bird either.

3. Next visit Greater Faydark and talk to Captain Z'Sxhitar <input type=text value="-536, -27, -641" size="11"> at the top of the tree. It's not his bird either.

4. Finally go to the Enchanted Lands docks and talk to Captain Screewoggins (39, 4, 116). Turns out he's the rightful owner of the parrot, and will complete the quest.<img src="https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img522/5628/captainks5.jpg" width="175" height="175" align="right" />

Step Three: Screewoggins Standard

1. After convincing Screewoggin that he sunk his ship, head over to the wreckage <input type=text value="-91, -17, 146" size="11"> in Enchanted Lands. You will find a chest, but be careful, when you open it a Giant Octopus (83 heroic ^^^) will spawn. Kill him for the update.

NOTE: The octopus might take a real healer and tank depending on your gear and DPS. He has an AOE and a long-duration stun that cannot be cured.

Step Four: A Piece of Heart

1. You need to find Welmia Deepheart. She is hiding in Qeynos Harbor, upstairs in the tavern, under the guise of a shady patron.

2. Travel to the Fens of Nathsar, in the Swamp of No Hope area, and harvest 50 firebourne cedar. You will need a skill of 300 Foresting to do this, and the logs are NO-TRADE. The best place to find these logs is between the Eastern and Western Pens. Some logs will trigger a Wyveryn of an Unusual Size to spawn, so be prepared to kill a few of them. They are yellow con solo mobs and can be easily killed alone.

3. Head to Lavastorm to harvest the upper left corner <input type=text value="-238, -128, 502" size="11"> from the shore near the entrance.<img src="https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img147/6827/welmiays8.jpg" width="175" height="175" align="right" />

4. Next go to Jarsath Wastes to harvest the lower right corner <input type=text value="559, -50, 1232" size="11"> from the beach near Chelsith.

5. Then go to Kylong Plains to harvest the lower left corner <input type=text value="-1408, 3, -188" size="11"> from the Kunzar's Edge beach.

6. Finally head to Antonica to harvest the upper right corner <input type=text value="-598, -39, 828" size="11"> from the beach near Archer's Wood.

7. Return the pieces to Welmia in Qeynos Harbor, who sends you to speak with Guster Marilrious. He can be found at the shipyard just across the docks.

8. Once you've spoken to him, it's back to the Enchanted Lands to see Captain Screewoggins again, who wraps up the quest.

Step Five: Loose Lips Find Ships

1. First you're off to the tavern of Somborn in Loping Plains to meet with Migo, who dosen't want to talk to you. Buying him water from the bartender eventually opens him up, and he starts to talk.
<img src="https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img341/5035/relginaldrw0.jpg" width="175" height="175" align="right" />
2. He tells you about Casey, who you will find at the Inn in South Qeynos. Listen to him whine for a while and he tells you about Relgineld.

3. Next you go to Butcherblock Mountains, where you follow the eastern beach and climb the wall until you find Relgineld the Streward <input type=text value="258, 180, 300" size="11">. Speak with him then inspect the tall, blue vial.

4. Sneak inside of Neriak and find Jareth J'Zyani the exotic poison dealer <input type=text value="82, 23, 108" size="11">, who will sell you some Innoruk's Tear. Buy three vials and consume them all to build the immunity. There is a 30-minute delay between each poison.

5. Run back to Relgineld in the Butcherblock Mountains and drink his poison. He will give you the information you need, which will promt you to visit Migo (in Loping Plains) and Casey (in South Qeynos).

6. Your next stop is Greater Faydark- it's time to crash the wedding and defeat the six-toed man! Find Relgineld <input type=text value="-1011, 82, 639" size="11"> outside the entrance of New Tunaria. He will summon you into a heroic instance, so bring some friends.
<img src="https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img352/4126/migomo0.jpg" width="175" height="175" align="right" />
7. Once you're inside the Wedding Hall, you have to go upstairs and kill the Count Kalgin (the Six-toed man) and then to the back of the zone to kill the Prince Delhin. Speak to Migo and Casey afterwards inside the instance.

NOTE: If they die or you are unable to speak to them in the instance, you must once again visit Casey (in South Qeynos) and Migo (in Loping Plains).

Step Six: In a Pirate's Wake

1. First you head to Sebilis, where you need to find and kill the heroic waterlogged wraith <input type=text value="22, -132, 173" size="11"> down in the basement. This is a level 80 ^^^ mob, so bring some help. All the mobs you need to kill for this quest are by no means difficult, and can be done with 2-3 people.

2. Next you head to Chardok, and find a drenched zombie <input type=text value="-481, -85, -336" size="11"> who is just before the second sokokar post in the water chamber. This is also a level 80 ^^^, and can be reached with stealth with a little careful maneuvering.

3. Now locate some information regarding the pirate. You can find this inside of Charsis: Vault of Etenal Sleep by harvesting a note <input type=text value="-11, -7, -108" size="11">.

4. Finally it's time to find the Pirate himself. Go to Chelsith and head to the left of the feeding chamber to find and kill The Pirate Jones <input type=text value="291, 7, 290" size="11">. He is also an 80 ^^^. <img src="https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img172/4788/piratefp1.jpg" width="175" height="175" align="right" />

NOTE: On steps 3 and 4, you can actually use somebody else's empty instance of Chelsith or Charsis, and just find the update you need inside.

Step Seven: High Seas Adventure

1. First you need to find a set of Memoirs. These are buried in Jarsath Wastes in a pile of dirt <input type=text value="807, -33, 157" size="11"> on top of the pillars near Charsis.

2. Next you travel to Qeynos Harbor shipyard again, this time to meet Velnia the salty sailor <input type=text value="912, -25, 92" size="11">.

3. Now head to the Thundering Steppes and speak with Rellinn <input type=text value="-562, -15, -500" size="11">. He can be found on the docks near the zone-in to the Village of Shin.

4. Finally speak with Samraln <input type=text value="981, 3, 331" size="11"> in Kylong Plains by the boat to commonlands.

5. Go back to Captain Screewoggins on the Enchanted Lands docks. He will send you into an instanced ship where you will need to defeat the Pirate Jones. He is level 85 ^^^, MUCH harder than his predecessors. He fears, spawns adds and cannot be stunned. Killing him is the final step in the heroic quest line.

NOTE: The first wave off adds on the other boat can be pulled with a blue aoe before Jones is active, which helps make the encounter easier. Also, you only need to kill the pirate for the update, wiping to the trash will not count against you.

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Swashbuckler Epic
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