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 Pets Dying Heals Mobs....

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PostSubject: Pets Dying Heals Mobs....   Sun Apr 27, 2008 1:21 am

Raid Leaders should read though this thread.... The two guys posting in here are from Second Dawn / Confirmed... Bigron and Pinski.


Pet deaths do not count as player deaths. The only one I wouldn't cast on a named that heals on death is Communion. Just because it's a new spell and they are "different" dumbfire pets that don't behave like other dumbfires. I figure why risk it Smile

But at somepoint during EoF when this effect was first put in, SOE quickly removed the ability for Pets to count as player deaths. Folks used to use dumbfires to mess around with the mob scripts (because the dumbfires have their OWN hate list -- Iimportant fact, and why I sometimes case dumbfires on pull. Due to own hate, small damage, long duration).

Pets get a bad wrap at times. Mostly due to mobs that "heal" when their damage shields are up (like the named in maidens). Folks forget to back the pet off. And pets like the mage don't always listen when in mid cast of their 4 second spell...

Please don't ask to kill pets in a raid. I hardly cast dumbfires in zones other than SOH. They die right away due to AOE's, and take a while to cast. But when you take the mage pet away from a summoner, you take away over 1/2 of their DPS.

The pets are not only used for DPS (around 1/3) but also for power. Smacking the pet for power, shards, hearts, manastone is the only way we can keep doing dps. Also a conjy's pet basically NEVER get's resisted / go OOP. So every spell they cast actually lands on the mob. Also, there is a wicked all magic debuff we have that only works off of our pet casts.

Taking away my pet is like telling the tank they can't use a shield. Or a templar can't use a reactives. Or a warden's fairy is ruining the raid script. SOE is evil in some cases, but they usually don't go that far.

So in short... We are going to have wipes on named encounters. Before you ask to kill the pets, lets try an prove it's a summoner's pet that is the problem. I have no problem re-naming my pet, letting it die, and seeing if it "breaks" something. If something like this comes up, give me 10 minutes in raid to view logs and parse.

This is not a parse-envy post. Ya'll know I'll pet pull, die, etc. Recasting my pet means I'm not casting for 30 seconds during the fight... If I was worried about that stuff, I wouldn't pet pull Smile

NOTE: I WISH they would make the dumbfires immune to AOE's. They actually put out mad dps. Check out some of the parses from SOH (where the trash doesn't AOE). When they run their duration, they are great DPS spells.
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Pets Dying Heals Mobs....
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