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 How to kill Thuuga Spider

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PostSubject: How to kill Thuuga Spider   Wed Apr 30, 2008 3:09 am

What you need for this raid:
raid dps at about 30k

a bit about the zone.
there is 2 kind of trash mobs the spiders that got a 30 sec PBAoE that last for 4 sec but is super easy to burn down and the zombies that got a AoE fear that you can max range.

what really is a pain in the neck about the zombies is that they fear about every 30th sec, make a bruiser pull for you with his immunities and make sure that you JC the MT templar so he got sanctuary up for all the pulls on these. after that its just a strait burn fight.

when you get to the spider everybody stands right behind the spider and everybody is assisting the offtank. every 30th sec or so some1 will get sac'ed in a spider sac and all the dps burn that sac down.
when the spider hits 40% life, everybody hits their AoE avoids, group HoTs, wards and reactives and goes AoE crazy.
single target dps classes like assassins and brigs stays on the named.
then its about to hit all the highest hitting nukes at that point.
everybody should use their master strikes on the named plus sniper shot, decapitate, ruse, aso when it reaches 40%.
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PostSubject: Re: How to kill Thuuga Spider   Wed Apr 30, 2008 5:43 am

We came close, I think with another wizzy or warlock we coulda had it.

Would be good for all mages with Solusek Ro diety: Pick up Inferno's Glory (Blessing) and Incinerate (Miracle)

Kick off Inferno's Glory around 50% of mobs health (lasts for 10 minutes) then at 40 or 30% kick off Incinerate. As a Conjy I've had this combo crit for almost 50K damage.

Since we don't have a brusier, maybe our Crusader is WIS speced with the immunite to fear?
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How to kill Thuuga Spider
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