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A Najena MMORPG from Everquest 2
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 Vent Music Bot Update!!!!!

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PostSubject: Vent Music Bot Update!!!!!   Thu May 22, 2008 11:49 am

I have gotten rif of all but about 10 songs on the playlist that was going and will see if can get more to add there own stuff they want to hear through the website.

Use the following link for website:


User Name: CelticKnights
Pass: knights

This will log you into site thru internet explorer.

Controls from within website then are as follows:

top shows current song playing with bitrate ect info.

the controls for the player including play/stop line and shuffle ect line will not be accisble admin only.

add random track does just that will add a random track from the 6,000 albums i have on the server.

playlist can be used once the playlist gets bigger by clicking it will list all songs in playlist tested with over 1,000 songs with no probs basically able to see where in playlist it is and what songs will be comming up by using control within called jump to current song.

Browser is just that full listing of all songs i have on the server can be added 1 at a time or by selecting check box next to songs and adding 100 at time after searching them out by choosing add sel at the bottom of list always. if selecting add sel may have to use browser back button to get back to site for some reason. or by refreshing the screen also should work but the files will get added.

Options can be used to change to diffrent version of the background.

any other questions or suggestions post them here or contact me in game currently still running off old playlist but once we get some going in this one will let it go so we only have user selected tracks so anything put in playlist from website will be user selected from guild and starting from scratch. then once a week or whenever i will sort the list and make it randomize so we don't get like 20 acdc songs in a row or somthing like that.

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Vent Music Bot Update!!!!!
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