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 Thuuga Strategy

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PostSubject: Thuuga Strategy   Fri May 23, 2008 10:30 pm

A site I found.

I think we have the strategy down we just need some practice tongue

Once we get the strategy down and can execute it well we will be amazed at how easy it is

bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

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PostSubject: Re: Thuuga Strategy   Sun May 25, 2008 9:04 am

The spot outside Tairiza's room is a decent place to fight her - you'll notice the area is slightly wider than the hallway just a little further. Ranged DPS reported not being hit by the stun from this range, allowing for more DPS (see the trend? higher DPS makes this much easier).

That's a key for healers and DPS. Playing both on this raid, we need to find a place that's just out of AOE range.

The stun can really slow the DPS down. With the Inquis, I can break the stun, but only once every 1.whatever minutes... But if I can stand far enough away to not get hit, I can spam cure and heal non-tank group members.

With the conjy, I was able to stay totally out of the AOE range the first few times we pulled it... Still DPS the named, and be in range of sacks. Something worth trying... We I beat this zone, that stun dot was a none issue. Start getting hit by it, DPS goes way down, we all die.
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PostSubject: Re: Thuuga Strategy   Sat Jun 14, 2008 10:27 pm

Revisiting this thread...

The joust line picture in this thread is in-accurate. In the picture it shows:

Tank ----- >>>>> <<<<<------- Ranged DPS

That didn't work. Drty had him as far back and up the wall as possible. We (mages as far back as we could) were getting hit with the stuns. I know you say "4 second stun isn't bad". But in the back there, DPS almost stops.

So we moved in a diagonal from drty. All mages pile up and there's no stun on us.

I believe it is a stun and not a stiffle. So next time folks bring Cure Arcane pots and try them.

If the pots don't work, I'd suggest getting a mage in the 3 groups. Sitting back in "the mage corner" we don't get stunned and can cure arcane. Or assign a mage to cure a healer.

During this attempt, Olddirty and Izzy were getting stunned. This is due to them not being able to be in our "corner". Whenever Olddirty would get stunned, I'd "click to cure" via profit and it's gone. Doesn't even effect the spell rotation cause it's almost insta-cast, and I'm a fast caster class. But it doesn't have a "quick" re-use timer like a healers'. So if the mages focus on curing arcane on a selected healer, they in-turn can get the arcane off their group.

One problem I did have... Is placement of the melee / healers. Next time we do this, before we setup... See where Rays is standing, see where Drty is standing and draw an invisible corridor between the two (diagonal). Try your best to stay within that corridor.


Soon as you go outside that corrider we can't attack the sacks. Every little bit of DPS counts on this fight, sacks included. Less time on Sacks, more time on Named. Especially when the adds are out. We still need to clear the sacks ASAP. I know it's gotta be rough trying to keep your bearings. Hehe was kinda funny when the adds popped. Cause all the melee started scattering.

I think next attempt I'll get FRAPS going, cause it was like a chinese fire drill Smile

I also think we can get more DPS outta the scouts if we can keep the arcane off them at the end. And making sure we have a dispatch at a certian percentage (like 35 / 30)

I think we just need more DPS. A wizzy would be nice for mana burn. Maybe save the dev fists until the end of the fight too. I don't know how that attack works and if you can cast it again and again in the same fight. We have to save as many big attacks for the 35% mark. Didn't look like mana was much of an issue, but I really wasn't watching close.

Anywho, my two cents from the back of the bus in the mage group Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Thuuga Strategy   

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Thuuga Strategy
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