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 New Raiding System

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PostSubject: New Raiding System   Sat May 31, 2008 10:03 am


Starting June 2 the Alliance Raid Force will be using a DKP(death kill point) system during all Tier 8 raids.

How the system will work:
Everyone that shows up before the set zone in time is fully repaired, and has everything the raid leader has posted for you to bring with you will receive 2 points. Each named in the zone will also be worth 2 points. You will also receive 2 points if you stay till the raid officers call the raid. If you were unable to stay the full raid you will earn 1 point. For the people that play different toons the point will be a total for that person not per toon.

A minimal cost for an item that drops will be set at 2 points( the cost of one named). If no one can use the item but one person it will cost 2 points if said person wants the item. If no ones want the item it will be transmuted. Remember just equipment will be using the point system. You will only be able to win one item per raid. Unless it is defaulted to a certain class. Masters that drop will still be random 100.

Cobra and Nimmo will be keeping track of all points earned and will post the points on the website with in 24hours after the raid. That way everyone can see what they have earned.

How the Bidding will work:
There will be 3 Rounds of bidding on an item. Everyone that wants to bid on an item will send a tell to Olddirty/Inman of their bid. If I am not on the raid bids will go to Nimmo. After everyone bids I will announce the highest bid and we will go to Round 2. Again I will post the highest bid and we will go to the final Round. If during any round there is only one bidder left they will be charged the bid of the previous round. For Example, Inman bids 20 points on an item in Round 1 and has the highest bid. Round 2 starts and Inman says he will bid 30 points but no one else bids it will only cost Inman 20 points for the item. There will not be any player names used during the bidding, just how many points has the highest bid. If there is a tie on the highest bid after the 3rd round those people will then random 100 for the item. Drty will not be getting any points but will keep his tank rights which he can use only once per raid.

If an issue comes up about how we are working the system we will then have an alliance meeting and work it out after the raid.
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New Raiding System
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