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 Runnyeye: The Gathering

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PostSubject: Runnyeye: The Gathering   Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:23 am

Initially the zone was started by Steve 'Saavedra' Kramer, he did a total rebuild of the inside moved and added a lot of art assets. He and Ellery 'Srukin' Jones came up with the storylines. Steve did all this and the base populations and concepts before he left for The Agency. When it was handed to me I went in and tried keep the zone challenging and add a lot of flavor and humor as well. There are nine boss fights and only two or three of them are your typical tank and spank. I tried to make them fun but yet interactive with the environment and also a challenge. There are a couple bosses that have some serious surprises in store. The zone boss is an x2 who should provide quite the challenge for a single group.

Jason 'Fyreflyte' Woerner and I are working together to make sure the rewards and loot are the same, fun yet good rewards that hopefully match the challenge. Obviously everything isnít going to be the toilet made of solid gold! The zone is large and will progressively get more difficult as you get deeper inside. When you see a goblin called an Elite, beware because he is Elite. The other challenge is that everything socials so be careful to body pull!

There are a few other surprises I think people will find enjoyable inside the halls of Runnyeye: The Gathering.

It's an 18 to 72 hour instance. We gave it 3 days to expire because it is rather large. However you can reset it after 18. It feels like your own personal contested dungeon.

I added 71 to 79 Master Drops. Also there is no treasured gear, it's legendary and the zone boss drops a few fabled items.
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Runnyeye: The Gathering
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