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 Master P'Tasa

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PostSubject: Master P'Tasa   Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:29 am

This mob can be tricky depending on the raid setup you bring into the zone.

Master P'tasa requires to have fighters in the raid, otherwise he will curse you and you will wipe. He will not accept Scouts as a tank as he deaggro's them and blurs off them faster.

If anyone deaggro's while being targeted by P'Tasa he will set you aside on the aggro list, if that person who was deaggro'd gets aggro at all again during the fight again afterwards he will Curse the raid and you will wipe. He will say, "A new focus for my anger emerges through their own action, I shall save the fighter I was engaged with for much later!". Not good, to deaggro because he does randomly blur to other members of the raid. If the person who deaggro'd gets targeted... BOOM you all die. This also goes if a Scout pulls aggro off the tank briefly during the blur period. Tanks must contain aggro once they acquire it and hold it until the next blur.

Taunts are fine during the fight, just not deaggro's while targeted, do NOT use PEEL or Divide and Conquer from brawlers as this is a Hate Position ability. Any ability or item that affects aggro by threat or position will cause a Curse. As a raid you must bounce aggro between 2-4 fighters. Start the fight with a fighter class, be sure to have your fighter hit P'tasa as soon as possible otherwise he will say you have no fighters protecting you and he will Curse the raid.

Now, during the fight P'tasa will mem blur off the fighter he has targeted, HE CAN NOT retarget this fighter again in a row (He will say, "Time to hit some softer targets, this fighter just won't die!"). You must stagger the aggro between the fighters. You can not have the same fighter reaggro P'tasa after his memblur. Sucessfully stagger the tanks and you will survive the fight with no Curse going off. If he targets the same person after the blur and BEFORE the next blur, he will say, "You again! I am through wasting my time watching the others protect you, time to end this thing NOW!".

Use as few dots as possible during this fight. Massive direct damage when his stone skin is not up will trigger his ward less often and will lead to a faster fight.

This mob only has about 3 million HP, but dont be suprised if you do 5-8 million damage depending on how well your raid avoids the StoneSkin Ward he puts up.

Roughly every minute or so he will use a Mental based AOE that drains more power the farther you are away from the mob, but less drains the closer you are but more damage. Increase your Mental resistances to near 8-9k and you should be able to all pile on P'tasa without the fear of getting smoked by the AOE.

Have fun and Good Luck!
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PostSubject: Re: Master P'Tasa   Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:29 am

Name of Raid Encounter
Master P'Tasa
Zone of Encounter
Shard of Hate
Level # of Difficulty
Combat Rating
Epic x 4
Difficulty Type
Spawn Type
Approx Hit Points
4,000,000 + StoneSkin
Status Rewards
Primary Melee Attack
Spell Types
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PostSubject: Re: Master P'Tasa   Mon Jun 02, 2008 3:00 pm

Thanks Demm, Im sure if we get our strat down we will take this guy down. I am looking forward to another try. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Master P'Tasa   Thu Jun 05, 2008 12:32 pm

From Game update

Several raid npcs in shard of hate will now give guild status when defeated. Master P'Tasa will no longer get confused by pet pulls.

Master P'Tasa in the Shard of Hate will only consider fighters who have their auto attack on, those who are inactive are no longer counted as fighters during the fight.

As i read this it is my understanding that anyone with auto attack on is considered a fighter. If we do this guy in my opinion we should do something like a joust for all classes except fighters. so Autoattack is turned off go in hit it a few times shut autoattack off back off casters can jus nuke and Range pet all they want. Fighters will always have auto attack on unless they were the ones that had agro when Master changes target fighter shut off auto attack and master will go to the fighters with autoattack on.

just an idea
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PostSubject: Re: Master P'Tasa   Fri Jun 06, 2008 11:41 am

I think drty said he had turned his autattack off and was standing at the door at one point and still got hate right back , Thus causing the curse. *sigh* I think soe has something agains Us getting better at taking out raid mobs.Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Master P'Tasa   Sat Jun 21, 2008 11:51 am

A newer but very similar strat from eq2flames on 6/21. Also, they apparently changed his stoneskin to a 1% chance for 2 seconds.

For those of you who are like me and want to know everything there is to know about a mob, and it's fight, it sucks to be you, because I don't.

However, I can tell you quite a bit about the fight, since even with the proper strategy, it is the execution that makes or breaks the fight.

So, to start, let's start with what the patch notes said for P'Tasa:
-He will no longer be confused by pet pulls.
-He will no longer consider fighters if they have their auto-attack off.

Before the patch, pet pulling wiped Master P's script, making him an easy tank and spank fight, just ridiculously long.

Keep the auto-attack note in your mind for later.

Now to look at what Master P actually says as you fight him.

On Pull (I don't remember exactly what he says, so bear with me):
-IF a fighter pulls: "... I will save this fighter for another time..."
-IF a non-fighter pulls: "With no fighters to aid you, your cause is lost!"

When a fighter pulls, he talks about how he shouldn't have to worry about that fighter that pulled, and will target at random throughout the raid for another target.

If you pull without a fighter, you get the above message, and then get the curse, shortly after. Reason being is because all the fighters in the raid have their auto-attack turned off (how many people do you know turn on auto-attack before a pull?).

During the Fight:
-"You will heed my commands, spiteful cur!"
-"Enough of your stealthy attempts to divert me!"
-"It's time to switch to a softer target, because this fighter just won't die!"
-"With no fighters to aid you, your cause is lost!"
-"You again! I thought ... it's time to end this, NOW!"

The spiteful cur message means he just charmed a random target in your raid (usually a healer). A simple cure fixes that.

Stealthy attempts is his dislike for scouts, like D'Somni's dislike for mages ("Your arcane trickery has earned you death!"), and Demetrius's dislike for priests ("You will not aid my enemies!"). Although, for some reason, he never seems to target a scout, when this happens, but it doesn't do much, and can be ignored.

"...switch to a softer target..." means that he's been actively on a single fighter for a period of time, and will now target a non-fighter class, and start pounding on them (for some reason, Necros seem to always be the target /shrug). NOTE THIS FOR THE NEXT EXPLANATION.

"You again..." This means that he has targetted the fighter that he turned away from in the previous emote, and is now going to curse your raid. IT IS POSSIBLE TO LIVE THROUGH THE CURSE (my guild got it twice, and still managed to kill him). Here's a helpful hint that will help prevent the previous tank from taking agro again. When the tank that was tanking him loses agro, because he says it's time to switch, have that tank, and ONLY that tank, TURN OFF THEIR AUTO-ATTACK. This will make P'Tasa forget him as a fighter, and will also put that fighter out of combat (weapons away and everything). When the next tank in the rotation picks P'Tasa up, the original tank now MUST turn back on his auto-attack, to make sure there's always a fighter engaged in the raid, and to possibly pick up P'Tasa when he switches again. If all fighters have their auto-attack off, he considers the raid to lack fighters, and curses. If all fighters die, this happens as well. The only backfire to the tank switching is if P'Tasa instantly kills whoever he switches to (i.e. not-well-geared player, or partially hurt from some recent damage), he has the possibility of switching back to the previous tank in less than a second, which is not enough time for anyone to turn off their auto-attack.

A few things to note:
-I'm not sure of the outcome of a scout tank on P'Tasa, but in my own opinion, it might prevent the whole having to switch between fighters script... maybe...
-If you have any less than 3 fighters in your raid, in SoH, you're already doing something wrong when you zone in. The Sisters REQUIRE all 3 architypes of fighters (Warriors, Brawlers, and Crusaders), otherwise they are impossible (unless you have Mythicals, and super raid gear, but even then, it may not be possible).
-Your best bet for fighter switching is use 2 fighters, and bounce between them. If that isn't working, try a rotation of 3 or 4 fighters.

If you have more than 4 fighters in your raid, you may want to consider your raid makeup, lol, but there's nothing against it (it'll definitely make the sister's intersting).

Well, that's about all I have, unfortunately.

One big hint of advice is, if you're killing him with the strat you have now, why change it?

Maybe this will help people kill him, maybe it won't, either way, it's some info for your minds, so, enjoy.
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PostSubject: Re: Master P'Tasa   

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Master P'Tasa
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