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 Raid Spam Question

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PostSubject: Raid Spam Question   Sat Jun 07, 2008 7:34 am

Something that has gotten a little annoying...

The /raidsay Spam. With everyone macroing their spells, its getting to the point where I don't even look at it anymore.

Some folks even /r and /g for the same spells (cough, Cilu, cough).

I like the fact that we have the dispatch / DPS call in raidsay... Infact I like when dispatch is always displayed due to wanted to get certian spells in during this period of time.

But some of the stuff... Well, it goes by so fast it doesn't really matter. Debuffing cold by 1000, or mental by 3000. Or your ultra super dooper dumbfire is attacking.

I'd like to see raidchat used for BIG spells that can cause aggro and or death... Like Lifeburn, upheavel, manaburns, planeshifts, dev fists, dispatched, etc.

Just a thought. Last night I ened up no even looking at Raidchat cause of the spam Smile And it's still used for communication, so I might have missed something.
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Raid Spam Question
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