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A Najena MMORPG from Everquest 2
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PostSubject: pawbuster   Mon Jun 16, 2008 8:38 am

ok here is what i have found on him... if i find anything else i will post it on this same topic

Stuck -- Ability used to break lock
Whirling Attack (20s) - trauma AE (causes Intimidation-- Silence for 1 minute - cureable stifle/stun.)
Great Cleave (20s, swipe doesn't affect) - Incurable frontal AE when he lifts his shoulders to do a "big swing" Knockback and Stun approximately 10 seconds.
Battlerage - When Pawbuster kills a person he gains 2% health as gets a Battlelust added to his buff bar. Battlelust makes him hit harder and increases his strength by 225 and adds a 2% ward to him. This buff stacks on itself, so if too many players die he quickly becomes invulnerable.

Position Pawbuster over the grate in the middle of the floor (notice the fan underneath)

This is a SURVIVAL fight. Pawbuster will kill himself.

Position Pawbuster so his axe hits the (east side of the grate) after a few (number yet determined) times of him hitting the lock on the grate he will bust the lock and the person on the lever should hit it then.

He has a trauma AE that stifles for 1 minute. This -= MUST =- be removed from Main Tank priests. Make sure you MT priests are max heal range from Tank who should be positioning PB over the Grate. He will also stun the tank which is an agro-reducer. Have your OT healers/priests at max CURE range of the MT priests, so your MT priests can trauma cure and heal the MT.

Have someone use the lever when Pawbuster is at 20% and he will fall into the fan and die.

Need to get his health to 25% for him to have the strength to break the lock.
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