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 Chat between April and me

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PostSubject: Chat between April and me   Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:38 am

OK, first of all, I know I can afford to live in Norrath for at least another 4 months (not that I will leave after that).

How so? Well, Aprilbreeze said there is no way I can lv a dirge above 40 within 2 weeks, because his trouba took him a month to get to lv41.

Sure I know it's his trick to con me back to Norrath, but a bet is a bet. So, his trick works and I got 1 thousand NT dollars (about us$35).

The other thing is about April's endding up his EQ2 life.

He said there's no point to bring it up in TCK's forum since he just being a celtic knight for a month and never join any raids or activitives. But I disagree.

Anyway, the thing is that he got a good job in Singapore ( I know it must be a great job to make him sacrifice his EQ2), and he wish he can concentrate on it so that he might get a long term contract.

So, if his plan works out, I become the only Taiwanese Celtic Knight (ROFL), and wont be able to see April for a long time (ROFCrying).

That's it.

(This is dedicated to Aprilbreeze, a dear guildmate I've never met in Norrath)

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PostSubject: Re: Chat between April and me   Mon Jun 23, 2008 6:21 am

Congratulations to Aprilbreeze on the new job. I hope that he is able to get the contract that he wants.



Peannut Buttere
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Chat between April and me
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