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A Najena MMORPG from Everquest 2
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 Wizzy AA / Spell cast order

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PostSubject: Wizzy AA / Spell cast order   Sat Feb 21, 2009 7:05 am

Str: 4/4/4/8
Agi: 4/6/4/8/1
Wis: 4/7/4/8/1

Fire: 4/5/5/5/5/5/5/1
Cold: Full

General: 0/0/0/5/0/5/0/0
Mage: 0/5/5/0/0/0/1
Sorcerer: 0/5/5/0/5/0/1
Wizard: 0/0/5/5/4/5/1/1

Glacialshield (precast on the main tank set up a macro for it)
Asphyxiating Sorcery (Runed Guard of the Sel'Nok - Sel'Nok faction merchant)
Furnace of Ro (precast if you know where the mob will end up)
Iceshape + Velium Gift Macro (on incoming)
Ice Spears
Protofire (unresistable)
Storming Tempest
Freehand Sorcery
Volcanic Wrath (Sash of the Volcanic Throne - Trakanon)
Fission (or Bolt of Ice if it is not up)
Bolt of Ice
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Wizzy AA / Spell cast order
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