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 Sentinel's Fate - FEB 2010 Expansion

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PostSubject: Sentinel's Fate - FEB 2010 Expansion   Sun Jun 28, 2009 3:39 am

Greetings everyone,

Lalari and I just finished the last day of the SOE Fan Faire. It was my 1st one and we had a great time. We fly back on Tuesday, so will be home Wednesday evening.

Sentinel's Fate... FEB 2010

For those that played eq1 it is the remnants of Odus (not Vellious as I hoped, but Vellious will most likely be the next expansion). However, The Hole will be a contested zone like Sebilis, not an instance as I figured it would be. It will have an outdoor 80-90 outdoor zone.

Level cap will be raised to 90th.

No new AA trees, but the current Class & Arch Class will be extended, and some new AA options will be added. AAs will be bumped up by 50.

Guild Level will be raised to 90, but amenities are work in progress, so no news yet.

Mostly they were kind of vague since it has lots of content still to add. What I did get out of Gninja (who is the designer. I bugged him for 2 days) is that there will be many more content added before the expansion including:

Ice Fang (Halas in eq1) - New Good starting City (levels 1st - 20th)
Shard of Love - Erollisi (x4 raid zone like Hate)
New Kurn's Tower
Many more x2 zones incoming (possibly some x3 zones).
Solo Mentoring System (you choose what level you want to be to do lower level content at level)
Automated Character Moves ($25 via station launcher.. 5 minutes to process)
New Titles for various accomplishments (multiple 80th toons, etc...)
Revamp of the 5 year Veteran Reward (Title at least incoming)

My key concern was the fact that mythicals will be upgraded by a new signature line, and it seems it will be...

I brought up that HQs, and Signature Questlines (Prismatic, Godking, Claymore, Mythical, etc...) should scale to level... They liked the idea, and may consider it.

Only PvP servers are being merged.

Talk about a Progressive Server (like eq1)

15 new unique mobs (new models) in Sentinel's Fate

There was other cosmetic discussions, but so far it seems they are far from ready for beta (which should be open around November).

Wish I had more to add, but that pretty much covers what they announced, and what I could get out of them.

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PostSubject: Re: Sentinel's Fate - FEB 2010 Expansion   Mon Jun 29, 2009 4:09 pm

Thanks Tony Its nice to know we are heading for more content and fun the game is startign to get boring lol.
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Sentinel's Fate - FEB 2010 Expansion
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