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 Time to move on... My loss is your gain.

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PostSubject: Time to move on... My loss is your gain.   Sat Aug 01, 2009 5:13 pm

Hi, guys! Most of you don't know me, I only joined the guild a few months ago and haven't been on much due to school.

I've been playing Everquest 2 since launch, and that's a long time for one game. With school (who would've thought that getting two masters degrees at once would be hard!), work (tutoring German to high school students over the phone is always fun), and the wife... well, I just don't have much time to play anymore.

So, I'm considering passing my account on to a guild member who'll put it to use. I'm still considering trying to sell it, but the lack of trustworthy websites out there to do this are making me realize I'd rather give it to a guild member than risk getting ripped off.

So, while I consider whether to try and sell or give it to a guild member... tell me, why you would want my account and how would you put it to use?

What it is...

Around 350 plat.

Two main charachters:

Amelie Silmaren - Female Wood Elf - 80 Paladin / 80 Master Jeweler
She has all Adept 3 spells and a couple of Master.
All mastercrafted or legendary equipment.

Solair - Female Fae - 76 Swashbuckler
She has mostly Adept 3 spells.

Five year vet rewards.

Where this account really shines though is in my collection of house items.
Amelie has a five room mansion that is absolutely full of cool stuff.

3 Collector's edition baby dragons
Several LON paintings
Four or five Mistmoore Pianos
Four or five each of the Lucan and Antonia statues.
Some house items that are no longer in the game (either were once sold by merchants or from one time quests).
And lots more... tons of collection quest items, mastercrafted furniture.

All told probably 500 - 800p worth of house items depending on how the value of different items fluctuates.

If you want to tour the house, it's in South Qeynos, the 5 room right next to the Qeynos Harbor Gate, and is owned by Amelie.

If you have questions drop me a line - errantwindmills@gmail.com

I'll be making my decision in the next week. So, what I want from you is why you want my account. If you want it just to strip it of its assets to help out your main, that's perfectly fine.

The person who I feel will get the most use out of my account will win.

Or if anyone happens to play EVE and needs to get rid of some ISK, that could grease the wheels as well Cool

Let the heartfelt pleas begin...
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Time to move on... My loss is your gain.
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