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 CK Raid force

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PostSubject: CK Raid force   Sat Oct 17, 2009 3:25 pm

Knights here is the general plan. may hurt some feelings but here it is.

1. we will start raiding T6 Holloween classes listed below.
2. we will progress through T8 weekly till able to raid T8 x2
3. once we hit the x2 raids we will prgress to the T8x4 and spam for pick up raiders in hopes of recruiting into our guild.
4. once we start T8 x2 CK raiders need to have all Expert spells, thier epic weapon, min 140 AA and T1 armor (prefer T2)
5. Raid force will be set up as follows.

MT Group
Tank Guard or Zerk Drty, Drtyy, or anyone else interested
Dirge Ratofdeath Takkana may fill with other if they have 184aa and specked correctly
defiler/ mystic Bamawill or may fill with other with 184aa and specked correctly
Templar/ Igottemplar or any templar with 140aa specked correctly
Coercer Brainwashed may fill with another if mythed
Hate transfer, Tanie, Justme if work schedule allows

OT Group
OT SK/Paly if OT is needed not filled at this time let me know if you are interested
Warden/Fury not filled at this time let me know if interested
DPS caster Mozz
enchanter sleepyy
Trouby Sugarland
Brigand nastie if needed and another MT is available.
Caster if OT is not needed- not filled at this time.

x4 set up will be posted at a later date.

The spots filled for the x2s are not set in stone if you only have one toon and it is one of the classes needed you can easily fill that spot. for the x2 raids you will see alot of classes not listed the brawler class being one. the brawler can be pluged in but WILL be specked for DPS and WILL be buffed correctly other classes not here will have oppertunity for loot see below.

1. NBG ran 100 for mains in the raid. Raid leader will be looking at your gear if it is not a upgrade a reccomendation will be made that you pass on it for someone that needs it more.
2. Loot not needed by raiders in the raidforce will be distrubted to those raiders not able to attend due to class not needed for that raid ie. "Dont need your dirge and the raid is filled but if you stay online if an item falls we will will zone you in so you can loot it better it goes to your main than an alt or auctioned off.
3. If no main needs loot a random 100 roll will go to 1st alts ie you play a wizzy and a dirge main and alt you can roll if you have 12 toons or more as i do no only one will be your raid alt and elligble to roll.

Raid sign ups.
1. ALL RAIDS PLAYERS MUST SIGN UP FOR!!!!!!!!! if you dont sign up and are online you will not be asked to raid.
2. if you are online and dont want to raid YOU WILL NOT BE ASKED or ALLOWED TO RAID AGAIN no matter if its the only update you need for your myth go pay for it as we dont want you in the raid you mooch. I understand people have lives outside the game and will have to miss raids that will not be held against you. but too many times we are raiding and without nameing names Players didnt come because they just didnt want to come or they didnt need anything from there. This is a team effort if your not a team player your on your own.
3. Players not raiding when spots are available and are raiding another zone or are locked from a previous raid with another guild will be asked to leave the guild if the other guild is filling your needs go im sure you will be happier there.

Finaly we are a family Guild if you dont want to raid that is fine no one will force you to raid have fun enjoy the friendships and fun that are availible.
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PostSubject: Re: CK Raid force   Sun Oct 18, 2009 2:09 am

What happened to Varena's crew? Those were some cool ppl who had been playing together for years. Their composition fits your idea of group 2 almost perfectly. Inq, Fury, SK, Coercer. They had been gaming together for years, dating back to eq1, and just have a natural synergy developed. They're not all 80 I believe, but do have 140AA+ I'm certain becuase they locked in their 70s. Gearing them up into T1 shard armor takes 2 days of maybe a 4-5 hour grind each. NP

As far as recruiting, I've been puggnig a lot lately, and get tells pretty frequently from the same ppl to join their groups. I've been in their ears (only the somewhat skilled/geared ones) about their guild's raid status and such, and most are unhappy with their situations, be it their guilds don't raid high end content, or can't even field a consistent 24. Over the next few weeks, I'll try to get buddy buddy with them a bit, and see if they want to come to a few runs with us, and hopefully do a bit of poaching.

Before any of that happens though, we need to get our shit tight. It'd blow any chance of getting ppl on board if were all over the place, sloppy as hell. Lets start from square one, like you suggested and try some T8 ez mode stuff.

I really suggest we talk to Varena reguarding his click to see if they want to try some simple raiding. The fury even posted in her intro post that she was looking forward to raiding soon. Maybe the lack of drove them away, but lets see what we can gather.

My 2cp~
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PostSubject: Re: CK Raid force   Tue Oct 20, 2009 1:12 pm

Tesko n I will want to run. I'm down on my inquisitor for healing or dps. Need some shard runs but I could prolly gear quickly.

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PostSubject: Re: CK Raid force   

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CK Raid force
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