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 Raiding Group Layouts

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PostSubject: Raiding Group Layouts   Tue Dec 11, 2007 3:19 pm

As was discussed in Waral's guild wide ingame email....

We know this is a touchy subject for all. It might appear to be a "picking classes over guildies", but that is not really the case.

We're looking for people inside of the guild to possibly roll another toon besides their "main". These classes are really needed to be successful at raiding.

I was in this boat a long time ago. My main class, a paladin, was not needed in raiding. I would get into a few raids with him, but nothing special.

I really did enjoy raiding, and the difficult aspect of this part of EQ2. I really wanted to do more of it. This is when I rolled Rays, my Conjy. The rest is history. As you know Rays taken over the roll of "main toon" for me.

I rolled the toon just to have the option of raiding and not feeling like a bumb on a log. Or "begging" to get into raids. But funny things can happen when you roll a new toon AND having support from the guild on bringing the toon to raiding level.

Since joining CK, I've now seen the number of Conjy's we have... I'm actually thinking of starting another toon... Just to help the guild fill out empty class spots that might arise.

The big thing folks have to understand... It's very frustrating to go into zones, time and time again and be unsuccessful. To spend 100's of plat in repair bills. And basically use our game time to get completely frustrated. For a simple reason... We do not have the tools (read classes) to finish --- and sometimes --- start the job.

We asking folks inside of hte guild, that want to raid, to help out. Maybe roll a toon that we're needing.

Eladin and Gleete know what I'm talking about here. When I was guilded with them before I BEGGED and PLEADED for them to roll something other than paladins. After raiding a bunch with CK, they understand the need to a different type of toon. Gleete and EL have been rolling their ranger / swashies for this reason... We need these classes to be successful.

Finals has all but put his main to bed. Took him all of 20 seconds... To say if we need (the worst class to play) coercer to be successful, I'll roll one. What was that, about 2 days before the expansion??? I don't think Finals has even set foot in ROK yet!

Others are chipping in as well, I'm not leaving you out on purpose.

Scout Melee DPS is currently a "HOT" class when raiding the new T8 zones. Every expansion brings a different element to raiding...

T6 (DoF) was all about debuffs. If you couldn't debuff the mobs, you couldn't take them down.

T7 (KoS) was all about debuffs and DPS -- mostly of the mage variety.

T8 (RoK) seems to all about DPS, DPS, DPS... and mostly single target DPS.


If you happened to be left out of a raid, it's not because of YOU. It is just that we might have enough XYZ classes... Be them tanks, mages, scouts, or healers. No one class is a "shoe in". I'm really thinking about getting a different toon... Conjy is a 1/2 decent single target mage, but really excel in AOE damage... If almost all the stuff in RoK is single target.. .well... might be time to get another helpful toon going!
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Raiding Group Layouts
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